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World Mental Health Day - Me and My Selfies

People don’t fake depression, they fake being ok…

Selfies…here are some of mine, selected carefully (the irony isn’t lost based on my opening sentence) as I’ve never revealed them on social media. I’m the person who was there but not there, as I’m usually taking the pictures of everyone else.

These individual selfies show personal moments in my life and that I was actually present - kind of like a photo journal or diary, if that makes sense.

Some have been during amazing, funny, loving periods when I’ve felt beautiful and happy; some have been when there has been difficult challenges or dark times.

Can you tell from the photos? Does my face give it away?

Today is World Mental Health Day. You’ll see posts and memes everywhere, probably similar to mine. The theme this year is ‘Mental Health in an unequal world’. I’m very aware of this in terms of my own identity as well as through my therapeutic work.

Counselling can help you learn to explore and cultivate self-love and kindness rather than suffer at the hands of fear, self-doubt, panic, grief, despair or sadness.

Take care and look after yourself today xx

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